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Top 15 Moving Day Tips

1. Charge your mobile phone/s the night before and put the charger in the glove box of your car

2. Confirm arrangements with the real estate to gain access to your new house. Or try and pick up the keys the day before

3. Ensure that your solicitor can get hold of you by phone if you are waiting for settlement on your new house ( we strongly advise to move the following day of settlement to avoid any extra stress)

4. Label all boxes and stick a fragile sticker on the boxes that require it and brief the Removalists on fragile items

5. As space becomes clear clean up as much as reasonably possible

6. Turn off hot water and electricity

7. After the house is cleared make a detailed inspection all round

8. Read all meters water/gas/other and write down

9. Remove rubbish to tip/collection point (we can drop of rubbish at the tip for an extra charge if required)

10. Make sure your care pack is handy

11. Leave keys (labeled) where they can be found safely or drop into real estate

12. Leave house secure windows/doors/garage

13. Inspect the new house, seen for the first time without furniture, take photos of any damage that you did not notice before

14. Label rooms to enable the moving men o put boxes in correct place

15. Drink plenty of water throughout the day to calm moving nerves and keep hydrated.